RhytHm for the world

I’m a Body Music artist and all my projects carry enthusiasm and vital energy.


With the Viennese Body Music band Groove Crew, an exciting project is going on: since 2021 we have been performing, composing and recording. I could share the stage with the amazing Brazilian band Barbatuques and played gigs in Bali and Columbia. The unique Body Rhythm Festival in Germany invited me several times to teach and perform in Hamburg. In Austria, I was presenting my solo geHeimaten several times at Performance Brunch. Also at team events, live performance is always part of the action.

on stage

Performances 2024
Body Music Explosion, Dschungel Wien, 15.-18.02.
Mrs Fops‘ Expedition Rhythmus, Wien Xtra Frühlingswirbel Rathaus Wien, 26.03.
Mrs Fops‘ Expedition Rhythmus, Ritsch Ratsch Festival, Gaweinstal, 04.05.
Groove Crew, Vokal Total, Graz, 16.-20.07.
Groove Crew, Draschepark Wien, 06.08.
Groove Crew, Kultursommer Wien, 08.08.
Groove Crew, KUSS Wolfsberg, 18.09.
Groove Crew, Voice Mania, Theater am Spittelberg, Wien, 21.11

Performances 2023
Groove Crew, Frau Mayer, Wien 20.04.
Groove Crew, Reindorfgassen-Fest, 24.07.
Groove Crew, Kultursommer Wien, 07.07.
Mrs Fops‘ Expedition Rhythmus, Reindorfgassen-Fest, 09.09.
Body Music Explosion, Dschungel Wien, 17.- 22.11.

Performances 2022
Night Circus, Kufstein, 01-2022
Groove Crew, Frau Mayer, Vienna, 04-2022
Groove Crew, Weltladen Fest Lanzenkirchen, 05-2022
Groove Crew, ÖBB Executive Update, 06-2022

Groove Crew, Congress rhythmik.connect, MDW Vienna, 10-2022

Performances 2021
Agathes Musikkoffer, Stadtsaal Mödling, 06.11.2021
Groove Crew, Brücken Festival Kunsthaus Mürz, Mürzzuschlag, 19.10.2021
Agathe’s Wunderkoffer, Musikverein Vienna, 06-2021

Performances 2020
Woran Glauben?, Museum am Bach, Ruden, 12.07.2020

Performances 2019
Rote Alpen, Karl-Wrba-Hof Vienna, 20.12.2019
Das wichtigste und größte Buch der wortgewandtesten Wörter, Dschungel Vienna, 04/05-2019
Mrs Fops’ Expedition Rhythmus, Tour, 6.-10.05.2019


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art for Children

I also create plays for young audiences and children’s books. My last play, Mrs. FOPS expedition rhythm, premiered 2018 and toured Austria. Müller & Schöller was a play focused on language which we showed in schools around South America. I also composed the Body Music soundtrack for a play at Dschungel Vienna and am planning more work for young audiences. My first children’s book Emil the Lime was published in 2017, followed by Ant, grain of sand and teardrop.

AMeise, Sandkorn & Träne

Children’s book
Text by Anita Gritsch
Illustrations by Raffaela Schöbitz
published 2018
16,- Euro

Emil the Lime

Children’s book
Text by Anita Gritsch
Illustrations by Magui Linn
published 2017
16,- Euro

Move & Groove in English

For teachers
Games for the language classroom
Illustrations by Fer Piñerua
2nd edition 2017
15,- Euro