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I love working with group dynamics. Weaving body perception, outside awareness and communicative processes into a rhythmical game, I fine-tune the games and activities on the spot. Every person is rhythmical and rhythm is a basic principle of life. Body Percussion can enrich groups of many areas and brings a lot of joy to team-work.

Being in time together, feeling the groove connects people. Doing so, different aspects of our being can be addressed, challenged and trained: Musicality, creativity, coordination, listening, memory, reaction, group dynamics, non-verbal communication, spontaneity and vitality. 


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TEAM work differently

Besides my artistic project and my training as music- and movement educator, I have been teaching since 2010. I offer seminars with Body Music/Body Percussion, learning in movement, games for the language classrom and rhythm at the universities for teacher training and institutions in Austria and abroad. Team events and workshops for diverse groups are also part of my day-today life. I bring a lot of experience and sensitivity to the moment in order to let group processes develop and unfold.

Body Percussion WORKSHOPS


Body Rhythm Games, PH NÖ, VS Puchberg, 15.02.2023
Move & Groove in English, PH Innsbruck, 27.02.2023
Body Music, PH Salzburg, St. Johann, 28.02.2023
Classroom in Action!, PH Salzburg, 01./02.03.2023
Bewegtes Lernen, PH NÖ, Hollabrunn, 25.04.2023
Rhythmusspiele, PH NÖ, Melk, 26.04.2023
Retreat Body Music & Voice, Strandhotel Weissensee (Kärnten), 05.-07.05.2023
ATINÖ Summer-workshop, Poysdorf, 19.-23.07.2023


Body Music, PH Salzburg, St. Johann, 13.01.2022
​Rhythmus von Kopf bis Fuß, Daphnes Studio, Wien, 06.02.2022
Cajon Workshop, private Gruppe, 26.02.2022
Brazilian Music & Rhythms, PH Kärnten, Ossiach, 01.03.2022
Body Rhythm Games, PH NÖ, Wiener Neustadt, 22.03.2022
Body Rhythm Games, PH NÖ, St. Pölten, 23.03.2022
Bewegtes Lernen, PH NÖ, Wiener Neustadt, 29.03.2022
Bewegtes Lernen, PH NÖ, St. Pölten, 30.03.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH Salzburg, Salzburg, 05./06.04.2022
Body Music, KUG Graz, 08.04.2022
Body Music, IFP Wien, 20.04.2022
Body Rhythm Games, Dschungel Wien, 27.04.2022
Performance & Workshop: Groove Crew, Weltladenfest, Lanzenkirchen, 01.5.2022
Workshop: Groove O’Clock, Gartenkunstfest, Villa Kunterbunt, 08.05.2022
Vortrag: Kunst & Pädagogik als Beruf, Vielfaltfabrik / online, 06.05.2022
Cajon-Workshop, private Gruppe, 13.05.2022
Body Music, Body Rhythm Festival, Hamburg, 03.-06.06.2022
Body Music, PH NÖ, Schloss Zeillern, 04.07.2022
Rhythmik, PH Burgenland, Eisenstadt, gesamtes Studienjahr 2022
Body Music, Forscherferien, Wiener Neustadt, 14.07.2022
Performance Brunch, Vinkl Hof Bad Eisenkappl, 04.09.2022
Body Music, MDW Jugend Masterclasses, MDW Wien, 17./18.09.2022
Body Music, MDW Kinder Masterclasses, MDW Wien, 24./25.09.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH NÖ, Baden, 28.09.2022
Body Music Workshop, rhythmik:connect Symposium, Wien, 30.09.2022
Performance Brunch, Wiener Volksliedwerk, Wien, 03. & 04.10.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH NÖ, Hollabrunn, 05.10.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH NÖ, Melk, 06.10.2022
Body Music, MDW Jugend Masterclasses, MDW Wien, 08./09.10.2022
Body Rhythm Games, PH NÖ, Hollabrunn, 11.10.2022
Bewegtes Lernen, PH NÖ, Melk, 12.10.2022
Move & Groove, PH Steiermark. Graz, 13.10.2022
Body Music, Bundeskongress Musikerziehung, Altlengbach, 26.10.2022
Rhyhtmus, Bewegung, Gruppe; AtiNÖ Lehrgang, St. Pölten, 28./29.10.2022
Body Rhyhm Games, Basel (CH), 30.10.2022
Body Music, MDW Jugend Masterclasses, MDW Wien, 05./06.11.2022
Body Music, Schulworkshops, Wien, 09.11.2022
Body Rhythm Games, PH NÖ, Ternitz, 10.11.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH Südtirol, Bozen, 16.11.2022
Move & Groove in English, PH Südtirol, Bruneck, 17.11.2022
Rhythmusspiele, Tag des Musikunterrichts, Baden-Baden (D), 22.11.2022
Rhythmusspiele, PH OÖ, Linz, 24.11.2022
Rhythmusspiele, PH NÖ, Baden, 28.11.2022
Body Music Team Event, Vienna, 15.12.2022