dive into the Rhtyhm

Learn how to make music with your own body! No matter whether you’re a total beginner or a pro, you’ll find something suitable in my online offers.

Body Music ONline courses

you are Body Music

There’s nothing else you need for it: no equipment, no prerequisites, no specific know-how. But you should like surprises. Body Music changes your frequency and makes your body groove. Your movements produce a sound, so you actually are physically in the rhythm which continuously leads you into a flow experience. It’s like swimming in music. Learning the rhythmical patterns and playing them together is extremely satisfying and you’ll get an endorphine kick out of it, I can tell you.

UDEMY course

Course with 77 videos
In this comprehensive course, you’ll get 77 videos with step-by-step instructions for warm-ups, technique, basics and different rhyhtms. You’ll learne how to play the grooves with your body a-capella or along with popular songs.


For teachers
75 minutes ful to the brim with practical ideas for games to apply directly. Bring some rhythm, movement and language to your group to create positive moments! You’ll receive a link for the video + handout. Pay as you can.


Free try-out grooves
Just try it. In my short tutorials for body percussion grooves on YouTube you can find single exercises and rhythms to practice in your living room or just watch & enjoy.

May 5 to 7, 2023
Weissensee Lake (AT)

Body Music & Voice Retreat

Three days full rhythms and songs from different cultures, from Latin America to Eastern Europe, meldies, singing in nature, grooving together, voice training, rhythm games, body warm-ups, musical training, improvisation, circle music and more. The lake in front of our seminar room inspires the quality of our learning and being togehter: clear, calm, deep, open for new impulses, sunny.